Canvas varnish

Even though printing on canvas will never be equal to the original paintings according to its price and dynamics of strokes, significance of this product is huge for people and it is understandable – after all, reproduction pictures the selected lovely image or even more, the closest people. So it is natural that this article will be intended to preserve as long as possible, in order to have a product of the highest possible quality. Due to this reason it is important to implement all the decisions which are necessary to prolong reproduction life. To this end, it is not enough to use high-quality materials or frame the picture; also, it is important to cover the canvas with varnish. Special varnish evenly coats the canvas, thus protecting it from environmental factors (sunlight, moisture, scratches) and prolongs its natural life. In addition, this technology allows creating an impression of an original oil painting. Looking at reproductions it seems that they are actually painted by hand.

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