Our services are inseparable from certain opportunities due to which you have even greater freedom of choice. A large variety of dimensionsWe know that the needs of each individual are different, as ones prefer works of smaller size and the others may allocate a huge part of a working room or a living room for a beloved image. Due to this reason we offer a huge variety of reproductions, and the maximum dimensions are 1 m x 1.8 m. Not sure about the size of the reproduction? We have a few tips:

• if it is recommended to follow the proportions in selecting furniture to a room (the larger area of a room, the larger size of furniture may be chosen), this observation is not applicable to reproductions, as even in a small premise an article of large dimensions will look like tastefully

• if there is a possibility, always choose the larger size reproduction, as the bigger the picture is, the more effectively it will look like

• do you prefer smaller decorative elements? In this case, for a great view and effect you can decorate a wall with several reproductions.

A large selection of images

We know that desires of people who want to decorate their houses with reproductions are determined not only by the dimensions of an image but also by the things portrayed in a reproduction. This is why we offer reproductions of various artists’ paintings, as there is no painting we are unable to picture.

Excellent image quality

In order to create an excellent view at home, it is very important both what is shown in a reproduction and how it is done. To achieve high-quality results, we use a very powerful Canon printer. In this case, the quality of pixels is increased which determine a clear picture and vivid colours. An image is reproduced with extreme accuracy and naturalness.

Even more options

In order to save the quality of a reproduction, it is not enough to produce an excellent initial image, as it is important to ensure its longevity. For this reason we frame paintings in high quality Italian frames and coat canvas by a varnish.Excellent image quality is always guaranteed, and the things portrayed in your reproduction depend solely on you. If you place individual orders, we will estimate the price after you contact us by addresses indicated on the website. The ordered paintings are delivered in Lithuania to your indicated address according to the most favourable terms of delivery chosen by you.

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