It is not enough to print a picture or a photo on high quality canvas in order to ensure its excellent view, so we also offer picture framing services. Picture framing has both practical and aesthetical meanings. For this purpose we use Italian frames of exceptional quality. Their provider Farne Group manufactures their products ever since 1965, so time-tested solutions ensure perfect final result. Moreover, we have a huge variety of frame styles and colours, so you will surely find a frame you like, regardless of your favourite colour or home interior. Although in most cases classical or modern frames are chosen (exactly this style is used in framing classic popular images), you will find products even if you are interested in Provence, the Mediterranean or Scandinavian style. Modest Provence romantics, minimalist Scandinavian design, timeless classic, luxurious and elegant Mediterranean tone, contrasting and surprising modern style – all this awaits to frame your selected reproductions.

Frame style, colours and shapes

Already prepared sold reproductions have the most suitable frames selected. If you place an individual order, it depends on you which style, colour or shape frames would frame the reproduction which will decorate your home or office. A few observations which will help you to make the best decision:

• in classical style premises classical style frames would look great; in modern style premises, modern style frames are excellent;

• currently, modern urban style painting reproductions are becoming more and more popular. It is ideal to frame them in frames of the same style;

• reproduction will be more noticeable if the colour of frames differ from the colour of the wall on which the reproduction will be placed (for bright walls dark frames will be excellent and vice versa);

• square frames will always remain fashionable.


In shops printed canvas are often proposed without frames, so it is another headache to choose and order them. We offer an option which is ready for full interior decoration. High quality frames give the impression of luxury; therefore, they are a necessary element:

• reproduction without frames looks like a work in progress

• frame gives splendour• it excludes reproduction from the environment

• it prolongs life of reproduction, as the original appearance of the product is maintained for a longer time

• a framed picture is indistinguishable from the originally painted work.

Picture framing process is fast and easy. We will perform the work and you will only have to select the frames.

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