In order a reproduction would decorate walls of your house or office, it is necessary to move the selected image on high quality background, in this case, on canvas. Particular attention is granted to this process. Using a printer which produces high quality image, the chosen image or photo is transferred onto the canvas by ink. In order to ensure an excellent result, we use only carefully selected measures:

• ink of high density, so it evenly coats the surface; it is made of high quality raw materials, so the image does not fade for a long time and is resistant to external factors (for example, sun rays stream or scratches); bright and colourful image is obtained;

• canvas with a special structure, so the image is transferred exactly, there is a possibility to obtain all the desired shades; the texture creates the impression of an originally painted work; it is resistant to moisture, so the background of the product remains strong and the reproduction does not lose initial appearance;

• printer – increased quality of pixels allows reproducing the image accurately; the optimal amount of toner consumption ensures the attractive final product price;

• varnish – canvas are covered with a special varnish which ensures durability and creates a high-quality image.

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